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Briefing Objectives

At the end of this briefing you will have gained a complete understanding of the Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System, HTAWS, for the AW139 helicopter.

Briefing Contents

The HTAWS, called Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, EGPWS, by Honeywell, is an optional equipment of the AW139, available with the phases 5,6 or 7 of the Honeywell Primus EPIC®. We are focusing there on the issue for the phase 7.

Since the beginning of the aviation story, the Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) is one of the major source of the fatal accident. That’s why, in 1974, the Ground Proximity Warning System is a mandatory equipment on large commercial aircraft. Along this last years, the system has been developed, becoming an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ( displaying the terrain and obstacles, with a “look ahead” function), and in the meantime, the system has been adapted to the helicopter operations.

Through this briefing, we are going to see how the system is operating, what are the visual and aural alerts and the processes that generate the alerts in different configurations of flight. Even if the system operates autonomously, it’s essential to understand without doubts the meaning of the different alerts and terrain images, what can do, or what cannot do, the HTAWS. In order to increase your situational awareness and keep you safe

This briefing covers the following topics:

• The Functions of EGPWS.
• Terrain and Obstacle Database.
• System Operation.
• Limitations
• Aircrew Actions

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eLearning Briefing Data

Target Population: AW139 aircrews, AW139 avionics technicians, AW139 managers.

Regulatory Requirement: Non-specific

Indicative Duration: 2 hours

Progress/ Final Test:Yes test required.

Course Delivery Method: self-paced eLearning training; Interactive; Multimedia

Course Access: Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy Portal – eLearning Area; AW Training App

Access Availability: Unlimited – 24/7

Access Expiration: No less than 1 year

Device Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

OS Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android

Offline Availability: Yes (through AW Training App)


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