AW169 Phase 4 Update Software Update

e-Learning Course


Course Objectives

At the end of the course you will have improved your knowledge related to the latest development of the Core Avionic System of the AW169.

Course Contents

The course content covers the following AW169 Phase 4 software new functions and updates:

FMS Functionality:
  • RNP APCH with LNAV/VNAV Minima
  • Vertical Steering Capability during Approach (VPATH/VGP)
  • Autonomus Deceleration (NDCL)
  • VFR Approach
  • RNP APCH with LPV/LP Minima (Optional)
  • RNP AR APCH approach with RNP 0.3 Minima
  • RNP 0.3 Rotorcraft Operation (RNP 0.3 “All Phases of Flight”)
  • A-RNP (Advanced RNP) Capability
  • RNP Performance Monitoring & Alerting
Cockpit Display System:
  • Vertical Situation Display (VSD)
  • Cursor BRG/DIST on MFD
  • Digital Clock presentation
  • Integration with FMS for the LPV function (optional if LPV enabled)
  • DMAP upgrade (optional)
  • HTAWS upgrade (optional)
  • Integrated TCAS/XPDR (TSS) management (provision)
  • Enhanced Airborne Flight Recorder (EAFR) (provision)
  • ADHARS Annunciation Upgrade (Abnormal Magnetic Environment)
Vehicle Management System (VMS):
  • Last 5 min counter for 30 min Take Off Power
  • MGB OIL PRESS scale refinement
  • Removed access inhibition to the EDCU CIRCUIT BREAKER MAINTENANCE page
Aircraft Mission Management System (AMMS) has been updated for :
  • REPU Channels Status Report
Electrical Distribution System has been updated for:
  • Load Isolation During Engine Start in Battery
Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS):
  • Fixed Flight Controls
  • AFCS limitation removal/modification in the RFM
  • AFCS New Functionalities
  • AFCS Major Modifications

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eLearning Course Data

Target Population: AW169 Type Rated Pilots

Regulatory Requirement: Non-specific; could be beneficial for Recurrent Training programs

Indicative Duration: 3.0 hours

Progress/ Final Test:Yes

Course Delivery Method: self-paced eLearning training; Interactive; Multimedia

Course Access: Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy Portal – eLearning Area; AW Training App

Access Availability: Unlimited – 24/7

Access Expiration: No less than 1 year

Device Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

OS Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android

Offline Availability: Yes (through AW Training App)


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