AW Family MDS/HUMS Basic Training Course Data Management & Analysis

e-Learning Course


Course Objectives

The AW Family MDS/HUMS Training Course is divided into the following three main steps:

  1. MDS/HUMS Basic Training Course
    • 1.1 On-board System Description (specific for each H/C type)
    • 1.2 Data Management & Analysis
  2. MDS/HUMS Familiarization Training Course
  3. MDS/HUMS Advanced Training Course

For attending each course, the student is requested to have attended the previous ones.

The AW Family MDS/HUMS Basic Training Course - Data Management & Analysis (step 1.2) will allow the student to learn how to download the MDS/HUMS data from the H/C, to upload them to Heliwise and to perform Vibration Monitoring Quick Assessment and RTB Adjustments Calculation.

This course will also give the student the possibility to attend the AW Family MDS/HUMS Familiarization Training Course (step 2).

Course Contents

This course will cover the following topics:


  • AW Family MDS/HUMS on-ground system functionalities:
    • Data download from the H/C,
    • Data upload to Heliwise server,
    • Data debrief into Heliwise;


  • AW Family MDS/HUMS data analysis:
    • VM Quick Assessment,
    • RTB Adjustments calculation.

Course Preview


eLearning Course Data

Target Population: AW139/AW149/AW169/AW189 aircrews, AW139/AW149/AW169/AW189 avionics technicians, AW139/AW149/AW169/AW189 HUMS Analysts

Regulatory Requirement: Non-specific;

Indicative Duration: 3.0 hours

Progress/ Final Test:Yes. At the end of the course you will obtain a "Leonardo Helicopters eCertificate"

Course Delivery Method: self-paced eLearning training; Interactive; Multimedia

Course Access: Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy Portal – eLearning Area; AW Training App

Access Availability: Unlimited – 24/7

Access Expiration: No less than 1 year

Device Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

OS Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android

Offline Availability: Yes (through AW Training App)


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