Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)

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Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to discuss a particular type of aeronautical accident/incident known as Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), describing the safety methodologies and measures we can put in place to reduce this kind of event.

The main objectives are:
• to improve the knowledge and attention about this incident typology, and
• to show the best tool to assess the risk of each aeronautical operations in order to better evaluate the GO/NOGO decision.

Course Contents

Starting from the acronym definition, the CFIT will be dimensioned in terms of frequencies of events and their consequences thanking advance of the data collected in the most important aeronautical incident databases (FAA/EASA).

The most frequent causes are analyzed, the best barriers against them are discussed and some helicopter systems especially helpful against the CFIT are described.

Finally all the chapters are quickly resumed and some safety recommendations are provided.

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eLearning Course Data

Target Population: Flight Crew members (pilots and cabin crew), Technicians, HEMS Operators’ employees, Aviation ans First Aid Specialists in general which are involved in HEMS operations.

Regulatory Requirement: Non-specific

Indicative Duration: 12 hours

Progress/ Final Test:Yes test required. At the end of the course you will obtain a "Leonardo Helicopters eCertificate"

Course Delivery Method: self-paced eLearning training; Interactive; Multimedia

Course Access: Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy Portal – eLearning Area; AW Training App

Access Availability: Unlimited – 24/7

Access Expiration: No less than 1 year

Device Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

OS Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android

Offline Availability: Yes (through AW Training App)


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